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It is the mission and vision of CTC to create and offer a passion that leads to a career path of choice. To pursue a career of choice that any individual can truly enjoy is the key to success. To offer as many career choices as possible is what CTC has set out to do with the many innovative training programs that lead to employment and many more that are on the way.

Focusing on individuals and the passion they have for the career of choice is at the forefront of all the training programs at CTC. Specialized individual attention for each student and opening the way for them to fulfill their dream is what sets our training programs at the highest standards. Accessing and addressing the needs of each student will ensure that a high level of professionalism is accomplished. Mentoring and guidance in the aspects of business is present throughout the entire program and may also continue after the completion of the training program.

Our greatest milestone would be to have students become employed and even go on to become business owners. To become a business owner that employs others is the ultimate future for anyone. This will not only help the business owner become sustainable but to help others become employed and also become sustainable is great for the economy of Hawaii.

Browse the programs that we offer at Creative Training Center and let us lead you to the career you have been longing for.

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