Courses Offered

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Radio/Television Broadcasting & Production

It is almost everyone’s dream of being on the radio or television but to go one step further and make it a reality and a living is just awesome!

In this, CTC’s largest and very popular program there will be many facets.

This program will range form simple knowledge about radio and television broadcasting to high end production. Students will be able to get a real feel of actual hands on experience within the broadcasting industry and find a path that leads them to the future.

A well experienced staff will guide each student properly to ensure there is a smooth transition into the profession.


Computer Training

In these modern times we live in it is very difficult to survive without basic computer knowledge. In fact it is a necessity not only to gather information but employment can depend on this knowledge.

Computer skills fit into many different types of hobbies, lifestyles and careers and many new one are created daily through the use and information gathered on the Internet.

In the computer training course basic computer knowledge and use will be covered so that computer use will become very familiar and comfortable. It will be then this course opens up to the endless possibilities that computer use can offer.

At the top end of the program web design will be introduced and projects will be involved to polish these skills.

computer training

Japanese Language for Business

Living in Hawaii learning to speak Japanese can be a great asset in landing a great job. Almost all of the jobs that have direct contact with Japanese visitors require that employees speak at least basic Japanese.

This being said them more of the language you are able to speak, many opportunities may open up and create a wider vision of future careers. Many possibilities of working in Japan are not out of reach if you are able to use the language to your advantage. In this program the focus will be on speaking Japanese for business purposes.

The structure of class will be on role-playing while understanding and creating a setting where the correct approach to each sentence is in proper form and context. We would like to see this class reach a level of conversation that will be proper in all business transactions.

It would be very exciting to actually visit Japan and engage in actual conversation.

japanese language


Photography is something that appeals to everyone. Almost everyone has taken a photo and has found it to be very fun, exciting and interesting. To capture an image that is locked in time is a memory that can last a lifetime.

What may start out as something very fun and exciting easily becomes a passion that leads to a pursuit of a new career.

In the photography program proper knowledge and understanding of lighting, positioning and angle to capture an image that may only be there for a moment will key in creating a professional photographer.

Training in proper editing and printing of photos will also be a main point in this program to ensure professionalism.


Sewing and Fashion Design

Sewing is a basic life skill that can be very fun as well as very rewarding. In fact, sewing can save a lot of money by creating clothing, tablecloths, drapes, potholders and anything you can think of. This can start out as a hobby that soon leads to a business.

Basic sewing skills will be at the front of the program that offers growth of creating many new items that can be used everyday.

Through this program many avenues of choice will be introduced within the sewing industry. Fashion Design is one of the avenues that sewing can lead to.

Creating a new innovative line of clothing is usually a fashion designers dream and in this course it can become a reality.

sewing fashion design


Landscaping is quite a broad line of work which ranges form yard cleaning and maintenance to large scale landscape reconstruction.

Understanding and knowledge of proper equipment and tools are the corner stone to this profession. Safety is always important during this line of work and a career may depend on it. This program is unique, as it will cover everything from yard clearing, maintenance, overhaul and removal and transplanting of plants and trees. On the top end of the program is the elite level where sprinkler installation, irrigation and even rock wall and waterfall construction will be done. Thus this program will offer many hours of hands on credits where experience and knowledge will be developed.

The program is designed to create a landscaper that will be knowledgeable and successful within the profession of landscaping.


Mobile DJ

Being a mobile DJ is quite unique in many ways. Entertainment for parties, weddings, birthdays and events large or small are just a few things that a mobile DJ can do for a living.

Creating a mix of music is another key point that mobile DJ do as part of their profession. Know ledge of lighting and sound is very important for a mobile DJ’s success. If an event is a small party or a large convention this program will offer the experience to be prepared for what ever a client may ask for.

Because of the many different things that make up the profession of a mobile DJ, this program will incorporate the latest trends, equipment and stage setting to ensure each student is unique in the art of being a mobile DJ.

mobile dj


A handyman works for homeowners, to fix items around their home and yard that are beyond the homeowner’s ability to fix. A professional handyman can be a very rewarding and lucrative career path that can lead to personal growth and much success.

The art, craft and trade of being a handyman is one that does it all. To be an all around Mr. fix it is the role of the professional handyman.

In this program introduction and knowledge of all tools and equipment necessary to be a professional handyman will be introduced. Safety procedures will be a big part of the program to maintain a long and prosperous career.

Many hands on hours of experience will also play a great part of this professional program to ensure that all students will be polished, well skilled, and efficient professional handyman.