Creating entrepreneurs, not just employees

Creative Training Center has post- secondary programs that focus on professional vocational training within 1 year. All of the programs offered at Creative Training Center are innovative and designed to prepare each student for immediate entry into the profession of choice. Almost all of our training programs have no licensing exams to pass after completing the training program so every student will be allowed to work immediately.

Unlike Universities or Community Colleges, Creative Training Center does not require that you take other courses to get to the main subject of desire. Everything you will need to become a professional will be covered within each program. Before completion of the training program every student will be guided by a staff of Creative Training Center on leads to employment or starting a business.

This is a complete professional training package that will allow each student to enter the workforce directly with all the necessary information, experience and confidence. Professional guidance in owning and operating a business is also offered to each student at Creative Training Center. The freedom to choose to be an employee or a business owner is what sets Creative Training Center above the rest of all other training programs.